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I met Jo, John and little Hamish down at the beach on the most stunning summer morning for their family photography session. Calm, peaceful and pretty.

Cutie Hamish wasn’t so sold on the loveliness of the beach though! Or the idea of having photos taken. Perhaps it was the sand that turned him off as once we got him up on the path and grass he just wanted to run and run and run!

Jo and John are a great example that relaxing and going with the flow will help to create a beautiful session. Children are unpredictable and it is important not to get upset or angry with them when they don’t want to co-operate. Sometimes the best sessions come from following these little explorers around and capturing them on the move.

To Jo, John and Hamish, it was lovely to meet you (and of course monkey too! I adore that monkey is in all of Hamish’s photos!)



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2015 is off to a fine start and I couldn’t have begun my year photographing a more beautiful family.

On a slightly chilly January day I met Madhavi, James and their three gorgeous kids, Soraya, Toby and Zach up in the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens for their first ever professional photography session! I am so happy that they chose me to be their photographer.

Not only are they an absolutely stunning looking family, they are the sweetest souls as well. I thoroughly enjoyed my time chatting with them, wandering through the gardens and watching the love they have for each other.

These kids! I could have bundled them up and taken them home! xx

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Each year from December 1st I embark on a photo a day project to document my own family life over the festive season. It is a very precious project as so often the time is not made to photograph my own beautiful kids throughout the year.

So as the holidays have ended and the 31st of January has been and gone, my final gallery of images for this year is complete.

If you would like to see the descriptions for each image you can view them on instagram – jackiewood_photography.

Happy 2015!

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It is always a special session when I get to photograph people I know. Mary is part of my awesome mothers group so we have known each other for over 4 years now. How time flies! We have watched our first sons grow into gorgeous little dudes and this year Mary and Patrick welcomed their new boy, Sonny.

It was so lovely to watch how adored Sonny is by his big brother, Joey. Cuddles and kisses a plenty! Joey definitely knew how to turn on the charm for the camera too. Such a cutie!

The photo session was a lot of fun and we got so many great shots I found it hard to choose!

Congratulations Mary and Patrick, you have a beautiful little family. xxx



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What a crazy month I have had. Only 4 weeks ago I was on the other side of the world photographing a wedding very dear to my heart. Last week we were in Renmark camping with friends and this weekend celebrating two birthdays! Life has been one big adventure!

As I start this epic blog, I thought I would begin with a little bit of history.

When I was 18, 19 maybe (Michael, I know you will correct all my foggy details!) I met a gorgeous boy with a baby face, long dark hair pulled back in a pony tail, purple velvet pants and brown suede jacket. He was beautiful and people gravitated towards him. Myself included. In my mind I knew he would be my friend, I would make sure of it. Stalker much?!? Thankfully, stalking was not needed and we quickly became friends, sharing a beer or 3 on a regular basis at the Crown & Anchor (back in the 90’s when it was the cool place to be!).

When Michael and his friend Sarah needed a 3rd housemate I jumped at the chance and we moved into our blue and pink walled house with green shag pile carpet. Within those walls many laughs were had, many tears shed, parties held and lifelong friendships formed.

Skip ahead a few years and after living apart, Michael had moved back in with me. It was during this time that he met Rob. I think Michael was hooked when he read the first email from his clever secret admirer. As more messages came in from “it’” I think we all were! Thankfully when his identity was discovered, Rob was everything in a partner we could have wanted for Michael and more. For the first time I saw Michael truly happy in a relationship, comfortable in his own skin and loved for the gorgeous man that he is.

14 years on and the day had finally come to celebrate the marriage of these two beautiful friends of mine. The absolute best part of being their photographer was that it meant I got to spend the whole wedding day with them! We started in a penthouse in Covent Gardens where they got ready with close friends, then headed off to some favourite sites around London for some special photos together. The ceremony was held in the early evening in the Hackney Town Hall with the reception following directly after at the same location. The day flowed perfectly and I felt that I was part of something truly amazing.

To Michael and Rob, the happiness that I felt watching you marry is indescribable. I think that you are both extraordinary individuals and together you are perfection! I love you both dearly and wish that I could give you both a big squeeze right this moment. May you enjoy a long, healthy and happy life together. xxxxxxxx




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