Meet Jackie

I was the kid who played with dolls well past the age that most others stopped. Mine would be having photo shoots set up amongst the rockery in our front yard though. I guess being a family photographer was always on the cards!


Three years ago I moved our family of five, plus one slightly unhinged, but loveable golden retriever and our smiling lizard, Ben, to beautiful Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills. On the search for a simpler, more carefree life for our kids we landed just where we needed to be. With a rambling creek through our backyard and a vineyard across the road I am inspired every day by our surroundings.


Life is still chaotic. With three growing kids how can it not be?! But amongst the chaos there is joy and dare I say it, serenity, living amongst the trees and within the country community.


01. Dogs or Cats?

Well, dogs. Obviously. I have a loveable Goldie, named Jeffrey

02. Currently Watching?

Heartstopper (oh my, sooo sweet!)

Outlander (always, on repeat....)

03. Coffee or Tea?

A golden cup of coffee in the morning and a sweet tea in the afternoon!

04. What's your dream vacation?

I'll take a trip to Scotland please!

All You Need To Know About Me

Adelaide Hills Family Photography

While the breathtaking surroundings of the hills are a daily inspiration, it is the families in the community that make my love of family photography continue to grow. My work is all about connection and stories. Documenting families, their love and lives.


Creating and preserving memories in family homes and on properties is such a special part of being a local hills photographer. The stories to be told in each home are so unique to every family. I am blessed to be invited in to witness the connection between loved ones.


If you don't live in the Adelaide Hills, why not join us for a day in one of my favourite locations!


& accomplishments

Accredited Member

(of former) Australian Institute of Professional Photographers


Advanced Diploma

Commercial Photography

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